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Office Cleaning London

Professional Office Carpet Cleaning London

Office Carpet Cleaning LondonAre there any spots and stains on your office carpet flooring you want removed? Do you want the textile floor covering in your workspace refreshed? Take advantage of our London office carpet cleaning services! We will visit your workplace, armed with a selection of tools, choosing the most effective ones, according to the fibres of your carpets. You can even hire local office carpet cleaners for the weekend, or after work hours, making sure your office rug gets treated without causing any disturbance to your work process. Go ahead and dial 020 3746 6764 now to make a booking with Office Cleaners London’s team and have your commercial carpet deep cleaned!

Reasons to Prefer our Commercial Carpet Cleaning

To make sure the textile floor covering in your work space is free of allergens and pollutants, have the local professionals take care of it. Booking regular commercial carpet cleaning with us will guarantee healthier work space and will help your business leave a good first impression. This is only one of the things that make¬†us London’s top rug cleaning company. You can find a few more below.

  • We operate cutting-edge tools, guaranteeing removal of pollutants and allergens of the very base of rugs
  • All the professional carpet cleaners have the know-how and expertise to clean textile floor coverings made from natural and man-made fabrics
  • We use powerful stain removing products, treating ink, food, coffee, rust and other stains
  • Our services are available every day of the week, even on weekends and Bank Holidays
  • We aim at using eco-friendly cleaning products
  • When booking a few of our services, you will enjoy special discounts. To take advantage of our deals order window cleaning or contract cleaning, along the rug care

Effective Carpet Cleaning Services and Methods

Booking our quality carpet cleaning service will help extend the life span of your commercial rugs. All the cleaners are proficient fibre experts, able to choose the most effective method, while protecting the delicate fibres. We apply:

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning MachineHot water extraction cleaning – using powerful steam cleaner, the technicians will pressure insert water solution of a powerful detergent deep into the very base of the rug, and will then extract it along allergens and dirt
  • Dry cleaning – we use non-toxic dry powder, spraying it on the rugs’ surface. This way the powder is gently inserted between the fibres with the help of fine rakes. The carpet technicians will then vacuum off the powder, along any impurities, attached to its molecules
  • Foam cleaning – this procedure is very similar to the steam cleaning but instead of hot water, we use foam. The minimal water quantity used makes the method effective when cleaning carpets with attached underlay

Why Choose OCL Office Rug Cleaners?

With the expert¬†London office rug cleaners, your commercial carpets are in safe hands. Every one of the professionals is fully vetted and extensively trained in delivering quality rug cleans. You will receive a visit by fully uniformed, knowledgeable and experienced team members, ready to help you out. We are always on time, smiling and ready to get our hands on your dirty carpets. And no need to worry about buying detergents or hiring steam cleaners, we’ll come fully equipped with cutting edge tools.

Hire Expert Commercial Carpet Cleaners Today!

Order effective commercial carpet care with the most reliable cleaners by calling 020 3746 6764 now! Our phone lines and live chat feature are open 24/7 and fully staffed. Contact us at any time for free quotes on our services. Or, fill in our online form and we’ll get back to you shortly to help you make the right choice.

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